Milk Bath

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Try Our Best Selling Whipped Body Butter


Our High Quality Luxury Skin Care Aromatherapy Products Are Handmade with All Natural Ingredients. No Chemicals. Non-Greasy. Effective. And Works For ALL Skin Types! 


Customize Your Whipped Body Butter With Any Of These Scents

  • Calm Chamomile 

  • Lovely Lavender

  • Sweet Lemon Citrus

  • Orange Sherbet 

  • Holiday Mint ( a butterscotch + peppermint scent)

  • Brown Bourbon For Men (a luxury sandalwood + cognac scent)

  • Gentleman For Men ( a fresh linen scent)

  • Very Vanilla

  • Unscented

  • Mild Tea Tree Eucalyptus

  • Eucalyptus Mint

 Why You Should Eat Sea Moss​

  • Gets rid of mucous in the body

  • Promotes a Healthy Thyroid

  • Promotes Healthy Immune System

  • Aids in digestion, improves digestive health

  • Improves Metabolism and restores energy

  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

  • Supports Hair, Skin and Nails

  • Is a great Post Workout Recovery Tonic

  • Improves Libido

  • Promotes reproductive health

  • Improves mood and overall wellness

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Self Care/Relaxation Benefits of Our Luxurious Soy Candles:


  • Soy Candles are Anti-toxic and environmental friendly made to promote better air quality in your home versus the traditional non- soy candle.

  • Handcrafted with purified enhanced essential oils and all natural soy wax.

  • Smell Great With Max Burn Time 45-50 hours!

  • Aroma therapeutic, Calming, & Relaxing