About Our Ceo


 Determined to find the perfect skin care regime for herself and daughter with their struggle with sensitive skin issues. Tericka stated at her annual client appreciation conference,

"I spent years and hundreds of dollars on commercial skin care that not only never worked but were full of chemicals that were unnatural and not nurturing to my skin. I decided to invest my time, engineering skills, science background and nursing education to create all natural skin care products that everyone with any skin type, race, or gender can enjoy. And After a very long journey of designing and manufacturing natural skin care and beauty products. A few years later, Integrity Health Solutions Launched!"


Tericka is a Licensed Healthcare Professional with 9+ Years of Experience. She has Serviced Clients and Improved The Quality of Lives of many individuals, caregivers, and families throughout hospitals, medical offices, and urgent cares in the DMV Area (DC, Maryland, & Virginia). She Enjoys Educating Her Clients & Increasing Health Literacy to people from all walks of life, including underserved populations. Tericka is an active leader increasing public health awareness in her community. She is also an active board member of the Health & Wellness Committee of DC Public School System since 2013. Her strengths are biomedical engineering, health and wellness coaching, nursing, clinical based research, nutrition, patient-public relations, patient education, and she enjoys training clients and customers on how to properly use medical supplies and dual medical equipment. She takes pride in ensuring that her clients are on track with their overall holistic health and daily living needs to promote optimal self care. In her free leisure time outside of work she enjoys online shopping, cooking with her daughter and performing fun karaoke nights with family and friends.

About Our Company

Model Applying Cream

We create luxury organic skin care and self care products for Men & Women that feel great and smell amazing. Our products and services provide our clients real quality while maintaining their soft skin integrity, mind, and body through aromatherapy, self love, meditation, optimal relaxation! Our #1 Mission & Motto is "Self Care = Self Love"

We are more than just DMV's best natural skin care and natural goods shop!

We also aid underserved local community members to gain access to health care resources provided by our Health & Wellness Team! We provide wellness coaching and advocate within various healthcare settings for adult  populations ages 21 and older and clients in need of quality care, medical supplies, or other various healthcare resources.

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