"Flawless Face" 100% Organic Facial Detox/Spa Mask (Medium 4oz Jar)

"Flawless Face" 100% Organic Facial Detox/Spa Mask (Medium 4oz Jar)



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Flawless Face Deep Pore Detox Face Mask
100% Organically made with pure natural ingredients such as fresh bentonite clay, activated charcoal, pure aloe vera, tea tree oil,

and vitamin C.


Care Instructions/Directions:

  • Store Facial Masks and all other skin care products in a cool and dry area to maintain the products integrity.


  •   For best results, First wash face with a gentle facial cleanser or mild soap, apply a small nickel amount on face, leave for 10-15 min  then rinse off. May apply a warm cloth to face for about 1-2 minutes  after rinsing to enhance detoxing effect.


  •   May use facial masks 2 times a week or less if tolerable.


Personalize Your Face Mask!
Flawless Face Clay Masks Now Available Charcoal or Tumeric!



Skin Health Benefits of Each Organically Made Face Mask! 


"Chase Charcoal" Facial Mask
All Organic! 100% Natural & Chemical Great for all skin types! Oily, dry, acne, and safe to use for sensitive skin!


 This is a pore detoxer, naturally open up pores pulling dirt and bacteria from them. This is a natural skin exfoliater and does it without overdrying your face! This product also reduces skin inflammation, and restores natural skin glow!


Truthful Turmeric Facial Mask AKA "The Dark Spot Eraser"
All Organic! 100% Natural & Chemical Free! Great for all skin types! Skin detoxer and restores natural skin tone resulting in a natural skin glow! Best and commonly used for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tones!


Ingredients: Tumeric, aloe vera, vitamin C, bentonite clay, and tea tree oil





*Saftey Use Info:

  • For enhanced calm cooling affect on face store and refrigerate facial mask before use. 
  • All skin care products are for external use only and may not be eaten or ingested.
  • Keep Out Of Reach Of Small Children
  • Keep Away From Eyes When Applying This Product To Your Face. Like Any Spa Facial Mask It Should Be At Least 3 inches or more from your eye. If The Facial Mask Covers Your Eyebrows When You Apply It To Your Face, Its TOO CLOSE TO YOUR EYES.
  • Should Any Of The Masks Get Into Your Eyes, Flush Immediately with Cool Water.