Foam Foot Elevation Pillow & Ankle Supporter Foot Elevato

Foam Foot Elevation Pillow & Ankle Supporter Foot Elevato



- 60 ° Rotatory Designed Foot Elevator Pillow: Keeps your foot and ankle in place comfortable, helps to improve blood circulation and reduce pressure on foot.


- Multipurpose Elevator Cushion: Elevate your foot surgery, injury ankle, knee joint, leg and wrist to promote faster healing and prevent rashes, pressure ulcers and sores.


 -High Elastic Foam & Removerable, Washable Cover: With ergonomic design, the foam foot elevator is not deformed and collapsed for a long time using. The soft cover made with comfortable short plush that provides your foot with comfort and avoid further injury.


- Easy to Use: The hook and loop of the ankle elevation pillow can be adjusted easily. Suitable for using while you sleeping in bed or sitting down in a chair.