Seamoss Superfood  (12 oz Mason Jar)

Seamoss Superfood (12 oz Mason Jar)


Freshly Made Organically 2-3 Days After You Order.

Pure Seamoss is packed with 92 of 104 minerals of the body so you don’t need more than 1 tablespoon a day. Add it to your cold drink, favorite smoothie, tea and even soup! Or just simply take 1 tablespoon of it by mouth daily.

Note: Seamoss natural has iodine and other minerals. Only consume 1 tablespoon per day! As Always If you are taking any other medications or vitamin supplements talk with your doctor first about Seamoss Gel & it’s Benefits before taking! 


Order Your Seamoss Natural Or Blended In One Of Your Favorite Delicious  Flavors:

-Natural. No Flavor

-Or Strawberry!


Must Refrigerate To Preserve. Seamoss Good For 4-6 weeks.